Thursday, January 21, 2010

21 January 2010

At the construction site, the workers have built the first lift for the walls in the service area. It is beginning to look like what I expected. We are still waiting for the plumber to get here from Chiclayo, but there is a big transportation strike going on right now. Getting a ticket to get from Chiclayo to El Nuro just hasn't been possible. Who knows how long the transportation strike will go on for or how long we will have to wait for the plumber.

The stem walls were being built for the kitchen, dining and living area. Many of those walls will be glass, but the storage and pantry will all be walled in.

On our way out to the property we watched fishermen move one of their boats from the beach into the water. They used logs to roll it, but had to lift the back end of the boat to get the rear log out. Definitely a team effort.

After a quick stop in town for our own groceries, we headed "home." I had bought two boxes of wine and set them on the floorboards in the back seat. Didn't really think about it until I glanced back to check on Stormy and she had picked one up, set it on the seat and chewed a hole in the bottom of the box. Wine was spilling all over and she was lapping up what she could. I rescued the box before it made a huge mess. We always carry a couple of water bottles with us in the truck so we drank one and then put the wine into it. There was, of course, some left in the box so I had to hold it in such a way that it didn't leak. By the time we got back to Vichayito, I was sticky, but had managed not to drip on the seat. Funny dog. She's now chewed a shoe (which was reasonable repaired by a local shoemaker), my glasses (which Doug rescued and untweeked), and the wine box.

We ate dinner tonight with Georg and his wife, Nathalie. Georg wanted to talk to us about taking the next step toward having title to the land. He says the process can take two years to complete, but once done we will own the land, not merely possess it. Georg is willing to do the process and since he has the connections to make it happen, we are more than happy to allow him to do it. Once he has title, we will go through another legal procedure whereby our land will be separated from Georg's and we will have our own title. Having a title to your property is not a given here. It does at least double the value of your property.

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