Wednesday, September 23, 2009

23 September

Some things we have learned so far;
  • The pickings at the markets are best in the morning. The best looking fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish are the first to go. Most venders start packing up around noon.
  • If we leave the house to go into town, Sanchez will come in and clean.
  • One of the two grocery stores in town close on Mondays. But since both stores are owned by the same owner, if something is not available on Monday, they will unlock and get it from behind closed doors.
  • The fishing boats head out under sail at about 5:00 a.m. and begin to come back in starting about 3 p.m. and continue until dark. During the day many of them appear meerly as dots on the horizon.
  • Be patient. Sit and watch and you will be rewarded; whether by whales, dolphins, seals or birds. Something new every day.
  • You must be getting comfortable with the language when you start talking to the dog in Spanish.
  • Riding in a mototaxi can be akin to a roller coaster. Sand drifts across the road at beach level produce some slides and slips. When going up a steep hill, after revving up to gain enough inertia to get to the top (hopefully), it can get quite wild and crazy. Sometimes we even cheer on the driver and mototaxi.
  • Cold showers are so bad. We do, however, wait for the sun to do whatever warming it will do, and take showers in the late afternoon.
  • Cooking by gas is a lot faster than cooking on an electric stove. I do miss the broiler though.
  • A walk each day leads to a new discovery.
  • There are mysterious deposits of abalone shells on certain parts of the beach. There are also some rather strange looking sea creatures that have washed up on the beach.
  • Crabs don't appreciate sharing their holes.
  • Life can be simple. I think we complicate things with all our stuff. Right now, our "electric hour" is devoted to getting on line, charging our electronics. If we didn't have all this stuff, it wouldn't bother us to be so limited on electricity.

More tomorrow, as our electricity is now out. Hasta luego.

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