Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 September

We had another visitor this afternoon. I was sweeping the floors and moved some clothing and there was a scorpion! We escorted him outside and over the embankment. I then shook out, inside and out, the clothes that had been left on the floor. Lesson learned.

This morning we went into Los Organos for some groceries and some other items. We bought a broom and dustpan, and various other staples for the house.
We also went to the National Bank to pay our Nextel and Claro bills. Nextel sent us text message a couple of days ago to remind us that our bill was due on the 19th of September. We found out the amount of our bill by dialing a code on the phone. We then took the account number to the bank, they looked up our account, and we paid in US $. Our Claro account, which is for the internet, we also paid in the same manner except it was in soles. I guess in an area where there isn't any postal service and where most people don't have personal computers, this is the best way to get bills paid.
We also had water delivered today at the house. The truck filled the two tanks up on the towers as well as two tanks on the ground. It cost us about $100. We'll have to see how long the water lasts before we have to replenish.
We bought some beef at the market today. It was chewable, and had some flavor, so we didn't put it on the bottom of our shoes. For whatever reason, good beef is hard to come by here. Argentina has good beef, we hear. We'll have to figure out how to try some.
In eastern Oregon, we saw elk and deer in the back of pickups as the prize to a hunt. Here you see fish. This morning on our way into town, we saw a marlin in the back of a pickup. It was so big that the nose and head was leaning up over the cab!
Pelicans fly by on a regular basis. This one was approximately 30 feet from Doug when he took the picture. They generally come by in flocks of eight to forty. It is always fun to watch them as they skim the water; over the swells without ever touching the water.
Every try tessellating a lizard? Can't imagine tessellating a pelican.

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