Sunday, September 20, 2009

20 September

We took a walk today south along the beach toward the desalination plant. We then continued south to the cavern that Perico had shown Doug. It was amazing how much the landscape changed once we rounded the point. The rock formation were beautiful with lot of color. After rounding the point, we also saw a lot of crabs; these were bigger and colored a bright red. As we walked, we saw masses of them scurrying across the sand and diving into various holes.
The cavern was quite spectacular; so beautiful in its smooth lines and openess. So simple.
Along the way, we passed the spot where Perico beaches his raft. It is amazing to think he not only supports his extended family from this raft, but also provides fish for others in the community like Sanchez and us. I have yet to watch him launch in the morning or come in mid day but Doug has been down quite often.

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