Sunday, September 13, 2009

13 September

Today was mostly overcast and quite a bit cooler. We did have a few sunbreaks which were nice, but not beachy weather.
Doug and I took a hike up the hill behind the house just to explore. Up over the crest is a large expanse of white pebbles that look like they are quartz. Georg gathered these pebbles to landscape part of his yard.
I think laundry will become part of the morning routine. If we can do a bit every day, it won't be such a chore. The t-shirts and light stuff is no problem, but jeans are difficult! Doug's first comment to me when I put jeans on this morning, "Remember you don't like to wash jeans."
At about noon we went in to El Refugio for lunch and electricity. We also went a bit further up the beach to a spa and both had 1 1/2 hr. massages. Afterwords, we had HOT showers. Yahoo!
Then we went back to El Refugio and decided to eat dinner there too since by the time we got back to the house it would be dark.

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