Saturday, September 12, 2009

12 September

Today was a very quiet day. The people who were to do the soil tests were supposed to be here by 8:00 this morning. They did finally arrive at about 11:00 and set up to take their samples. At one point, they had their core drill stuck in the ground and were trying various methods of getting it out. The foreman told us there would be no issues building on the property as it was solid ground. He also told us his price would be much cheaper than he had estimated. He later called the architect and told him to move ahead with his design so obviously the samples never made it to the lab.
This afternoon, Doug and I sat out on the wall at the property line and watched the pelicans and shore birds skim the water, dive for fish and hoped for a whale. During the day we noticed several areas of intense activity; the birds were circling in swarms and the water was agitated. It was cool to see the flocks of birds swoop and change directions and then dive seemingly in unison. We also watched the fishing boats coming back into the harbor with their sails hoisted.
Even though it was a quiet day, one huge step was made toward beginning construction. The next thing to get done is for Moscol, the topographer, to move the property lines and mark out the lines for the excavator.

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