Thursday, September 24, 2009

24 September

This morning we went down to meet Perico as he came in from fishing as has become our daily ritual. Again today his catch was small but he did pull a seahorse from his shirt pocket to give to me. Another fisherman came in with a sack of shrimp and at least one large lobster.
Later this afternoon we sat out on the patio and watched the whales go by. This calf was very playful and would come out of the water and then splash on his side. Mom was close by but not as visible.

Tonight at midnight we leave for Chiclayo. The bus leaves Los Organos and will arrive in Chiclayo at 6 in the morning. Hopefully tomorrow we will meet with the architect and see his design. We've been really anxious to see it and want to begin moving forward.
Saturday we will travel to Santa Cruz, a small village in the mountains which is Luis' home town. They are having their annual celebration of the beginning of spring. We plan to be there the better part of a week. We don't plan on taking any electronics with us other than the camera which means we'll take lots of pictures, but not write on the blog until we get back.

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