Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 September

This morning was more laundry and then had some down-time as we waited for the excavator for the third day in a row. We decided to give up on him and invited a neighbor to bid the job. Probably better in the long run; using a neighbor.
I had some good quality time at my loom this afternoon. I sat and wove while listening to a story on my i-pod.
This afternoon we went into Los Organos to meet with the topographer. He had used the coordinates in the original plan and found them to be off by a few meters. Apparantly the original plan was done using GPS, which in this area can be off by quite a bit as there aren't enough satelites. So the topographer's measurements are much more exact. However, he will have to move some of the property bounderies to correct the inaccuracy of the first. Then he will come out and put in the stakes for the excavators. We bought bright yellow paint so we can paint the stakes.
On the way home in the mototaxi, we passed another mototaxi that had two six foot tunas on board. The tails were hanging out the side and the nose was sticking out on the other side!
Once home we scrambled to cook dinner and take showers before our "electric hour." We are trying to capitalize on what little electricity we have. So far we haven't figured out how to charge all our electronics in that bit of time. I think we average about half an hour each evening.
We cooked up some more of the tuna we bought. I put it in a fry pan on top of slices of lime and then slowly cooked them. The tuna was so good. The left-overs will make good tuna salad.
We've realized that our refrigerator isn't functioning very well. It is cooling a bit; but probably won't store food for more than a day or two. The idea of buying food on a daily or two day basis seems like the best plan for now.
We've been discussing the possibility of wind power as the wind is fairly constant; and certainly up on the hill behind us it is constant. We'd like to take a look at the solar panel Georg uses here, if for nothing else to know what not to do.
We have also talked with various people about buying a vehicle. Our friend Luis in Lima has been checking out the ads in the newspaper for used vehicles in good condition. We are a bit nervous though about driving about here as we've been stopped so frequently by the police.
Gringos are natural targets, I guess. Maybe once they know we are living here things won't be so unsettled.

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