Monday, September 21, 2009

21 September

This morning we met Perico as he came in on his raft. Sanchez and another man were there to meet him as well. As he came into the beach, the guys laid out the logs to roll the raft up onto the beach above the tide. He had several kinds of fish in his bucket, including an eel, some ling cod and others. He told us the names of the others, but they soon disappeared out of my mind. One thing at a time. He gave the eel and a couple of small fish to Sanchez's friend who proceeded to gut the eel on the beach. The sea birds circled above just waiting for an opportunity to swoop in and enjoy the left-overs. I thought I had pictures of all this, but later found out I didn't have the memory card in. Darn!
We also went into town to see about taking the bus to Chiclayo at the end of the week so we can visit Luis' home village. So far no luck finding bus service from here to there.

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