Friday, September 18, 2009

18 September

We finally got the topographer back to finish his work. He laid out the boundary lines and marked them with rebar posts and yellow paint. So, we now have the property accurately laid out.
Our next step is getting the redesign from Coqui, the architect.
We watched some of the fisherman cast their nets this afternoon. There were two dories, each with two men. They were using a plunger to make a popping noise at the surface of the water. In Alaska, when my first husband, Rod, fished, they would use a plunger to scare off the seals so they wouldn't get tangled in their net or eat the catch. Sure enough, we soon saw sea lions close by. The fishermen brought in their nets and moved on to another location.
Our friend, Perico, didn't show up this morning. It seems curious to us as he tells us he goes out every morning without fail. Hopefully we will see him in the morning.
I worked some more on my tapestry design. Finally, I was able to get a tessellating lizard that I liked. Now I am on to the pelican....
I am getting used to cooking with gas; a totally new experience for me. It is especially challenging since we don't have pans that sit flat. I will be so glad to have my own cooking utensils in several months!

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