Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today we went into Los Organos to buy groceries. We decided to brave the local markets instead of going to the store. The market is situated in a large warehouse type building with various stalls throughout. There were vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, chicken, fish and whatever kind of food you might want. Everything is open air, full of people, and bustling. We started out at one of the fish vendors as he had tuna. For S/.26 ($7) he fileted the fish (2 kilos) into slabs.

We also bought shrimp ($6.50/1/2 lb.), chicken, cauliflower ($1/kilo), tomatoes ($.15/1/2 kilo), avocado ($.60), oranges ($.90/lb), a dozen eggs ($.90). There was so much to choose from, it was amazing.

The mototaxis definitely outnumber cars and trucks here. They are basically a rickshaw on a three wheeled motorbike. They are a bit slower than a car but are considerably cheaper to hire. They aren't afraid to go anywhere; PanAmerican highway, beach...it doesn't seem to matter. However, there is a memorial casita alongside the road into Vichayito, the town where the resort is, most won't go by after dark. The casita was built many years ago in memory of Georg's uncle who died in an accident on that spot. Over time, rumors have surfaced that the site is haunted and people have reported hearing voices there at night. Alongside of most roads here you will see these casitas. All of them have a "little house" built with a religious statue of some kind inside. Some are about the size of a small doghouse, while others are big enough a man could stand inside. Some are simple, many are quite elaborate. I noticed our driver crossing himself when he passed a casita in memory of a friend.

The topographer came Tuesday morning to survey the land and get elevations for the different levels. He spent all day working out in the hot sun with two assistants. We brought them water and lunch which wasn't expected but definitely appreciated.

Some of the cactus are in bloom as it is the beginning of spring here. The other bushes around the house are also in bloom.

And here's Doug checking e-mail by candlelight. Last night we only had 15 minutes of electricity so couldn't get everything charged. I'm once again writing at the resort using their electricity. We brought all of our electronics with us to charge!

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