Saturday, September 19, 2009

19 September

We sat out on the wall overlooking the ocean this morning and watch a couple of whales play in the ocean. Sometimes we saw a flash of white, so thought they might be killer whales. Later we saw the flukes of some blue waves as they were playing in the water. Even later in the day we some more. Seeing the huge splashes and those flukes rise up out of the water and come down for another splash is so amazing. We spent a lot of the day just watching. Unfortunately they were too far away for photographs. We decided that a telescope may be in our future.
Perico came this morning, but decided it was too turbulent for lobster fishing. Doug went down to see him and Perico took him for a walk south on the beach. Around the next point is a cavern in the side of the cliff. Perico carved Douglas' name and the date in the roof of the cavern. He'll have to take me down there someday so I can see it. For not speaking the language, Doug has made many friends and seems to communicate quite well. For example, he and Perico had a discussion about the respective hearing losses. This is an amazing talent that baffles my mind.

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