Monday, April 5, 2010

5th of April 2010

This morning Doug went to Piura with Ferruco. Ferruco was going to Sullana to do some paperwork on his van, and Piura is only another 30 minutes on. Doug needed to get some tools for the cabinet maker; pancake air compressor, nail gun, etc. As it turned out, there were no nail guns available, so the trip wasn't as successful as he would have liked. Doug called Koki and told him to bring these tools from Chiclayo when he comes tomorrow. We still can't believe any cabinets will be installed within this next week. But if Bruce doesn't do it while he is here, someone will have to.

I moved our stuff out of Jay's and back up to El Nuro. It took me two trips but I was done by noon. Hopefully we will not have to move out again until we actually move into our home. We definitely appreciate Jay's willingness to put us up at short notice and for short periods of time. I think flexibility should be a virtue too!

Out at the property today, the materials arrived for the roof and for the water tower. The carpenter and two other workers arrived at 4 am this morning. As
you can see, they have placed two trusses over the pantry and storage area today. Late this afternoon and evening, they added the ridge beam. We spent quite some time this afternoon sitting on the wall at Georg's watching them cut out the notch on the truss for the ridge beam. This was done in the air, on tip-toes and on planks laid across the tops of the walls.

Other workers were working on building the framework for the dining room floor/piano room ceiling. Rebar needs to be shaped and set into place as do the bricks. Actually pouring the cement probably won't happen for another couple of days.

Juana, Sanchez's wife and the cook for the workers, told me today there would be 11 workers tomorrow and 14 on Wednesday. I don't know how she manages to cook for that many in the make-shift kitchen she has in the camp, but she does a great job. The workers have had few complaints and she always seems to manage. I think I will offer to help this week, but don't really know what help I will be. Although I might learn a thing or two!

Sunsets here are often incredibly beautiful. I've started a file in my picture folder specifically for them. One thing we have found so interesting is how much the location of the setting sun has moved over time. At the solstice in March, the sun was setting about half way between the shore and the termination of the desalination plant. Tonight it was right over the termination of the plant. When we first arrived in September, the sun set considerably farther north. Being only 5 degrees off of the equator, I didn't expect that much of a shift.

It has rained a bit in the last couple of days. It hasn't been enough to make the roads impassable, thank goodness.. I am amazed though at how little rain it takes to make the road slimy and slick! Ruts and tire tracks sink in and create a quagmire as the soil is primarily clay.

The wind has picked up again..hopefully another sign of changing weather. The temperatures are still in the 80's, but the humidity seems to be dropping and with the breeze, things are relatively comfortable. Honestly, I don't think "high" season is the time to come visit; even though it is winter time in the states. Summer here is HOT and HUMID. Granted, you are at the beach and can always cool off in the ocean, but the really nice warm weather comes at other times of the year.
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