Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter sunday. It's a big religious holiday here; actually the whole week is celebrated; Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday......The town church was packed to overflowing this morning for Easter mass.

We thought tonight would be a big night in the town square as well, so we planned to eat chicken at the restaurant alongside the square and watch the happenings. As it turned out, there wasn't much happening. Maybe people were getting ready to head back to work and school tomorrow.

The town square itself takes up a "city" block and is a wide open space. Numerous benches line the square. On one side is a large stage where bands and other events play. Normally, a cathedral or church stands on one side of the square and government offices another. There is a second square in Los Organos where the church and mayoral offices are located, but it isn't the center of town. This square is lined with shops, groceries, restaurants, etc. and the market is only a couple blocks off. It is where the locals gather on a summer's eve.
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