Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday, 11 April 2010

First thing this morning, the water trucks arrived. Koki had called for a truck of potable water. He had bought the water tanks for our house and temporarily set them on the roof of the service zone. This way, the workers would have potable water and Doug and I would no longer have to haul water in from town. As it turned out, the truck didn't have a working pump, so it couldn't get water into the tanks of the roof. The workers had to haul the tank off the roof and take it down close to their camp at ground level so it could be filled.

The second water truck arrived shortly after 7. It filled our tanks so when people awoke, they could take a shower. Boy that felt good!

Doug headed into town for groceries and to pick up Bruce and Peggy. I stayed behind and did the dishes from yesterday. Amazing how many dishes eight people can go through when they are partying from 9 am to 7 at night! They were pretty gross.

Another day of the rally racing. We weren't sure of the schedule, but assumed it would be similar to yesterday's so we headed into town early enough to get back before they closed the road. Caroline and Jay did not join us today.

We spent a relatively quiet day at the house. Peggy took a long walk along the beach. Bruce and I slept in the hammocks. Doug kept watch on the workers. Koki and Roseo went down to the beach and spent much of the morning there.

The construction workers worked until noon. They finished the concrete floor in the kitchen and continued preparing for the cement pour for the dining room floor and the breezeway between the master suite and the dining room. After their lunch, they came up to Georg's and watched the rally cars go by with the rest of us. Later, they went down to the beach and took a swim.

After sunset, we headed into Mancora for dinner. We decided that this would be the night for going out. Jay and Caroline joined us. Mancora, being a huge tourist destination, has many fine restaurants. This particular one, Las Sirenas, we have found to be exceptional. Their specialty is tuna. I have never tasted tuna this good before. We always start with a couple of appetizers; a tuna tartare and another that has paper-thin slices of tuna in a yellow pepper sauce. Even Bruce, who said he could never eat raw fish, thought it was great. I had a slow roasted baby goat dish that was fabulous. Most everyone else had the fish of the day, grouper, which they said was fabulous as well. Las Sirenas has become one of our favorite restaurants.

After dinner, we dropped Koki and Roseo at the bus station for their trip home. Both were very tired.... hopefully they got some sleep on the trip 6 hour trip home. Roseo said she would get home just in time to get her older daughter up and off to school. I'm sure this was a long weekend for them, and they were both tired, but I am so thankful they were here. We got a chance to get to know Koki and Roseo better.
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