Saturday, April 3, 2010

03 April 2010

We took our usual run this morning and checked on the construction. Chino, one of the maestros, was preparing the brick walls in the master suite for the finishing coat of concrete. Hopefully, he had enough time today to do the same in the kitchen as well. Other workers were working on forming the concrete beams from the dining room out over the living room. Two others were excavating where the dowstairs bathrooms for the living room and the pool area will go.
Georg and his family and some friends were at the house in El Nuro, so we stopped by to say hello. They had a houseful! Three families, a total of 6 adults and 9 kids. Whew... they should be leaving in the next day or so as school and work commitments will take them back to Lima.
Georg commented on the location of our water tanks and told he felt they interfered with him view from their bedroom. The frustrating thing was that Georg, Doug and Koki chose that location as the original one certainly would have been in his view. Georg didn't think they were going to be so tall; even though our tower will be lower than his. Oh well, the fun of constructing and having neighbors; everyone wanting to preserve their piece of paradise.
We then drove back to Los Organos and visited the refrigeration shop only to find out that the fan would work well as long it wasn't too hot. Once the motor heated up to a certain point, it would click off. Not much use to us during the hot weather! We drove on into Mancora where there is a furniture store. We bought another fan, this one with a 6 month guarantee in writing.
Back to Jay's for a quiet afternoon of reading, napping and relaxation. I seared some tuna tonight; the tuna is always so good when it is so fresh.
Happy Easter to all tomorrow.

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