Friday, April 9, 2010

Oops....don't know what happened...but the blog disappeared and I couldn't get back to it to finish try.

Peggy and Bruce enjoyed the sunset with Stormy. They have both taken to her and seem to enjoy her a lot. She enjoys them and all the extra attention.

Notice in this picture Koki telling me to get out of the way! I wanted to get some pictures of what was going on, but since there was so much activity centered in the kitchen, it was hard to get a shot without being in the midst.

Tomorrow promises to be a good day. Koki's wife, Roseo will arrive. Bruce and Peggy as well as Jay and Caroline will be up here at the house for the Rally Races. I'm not entirely sure what these races are, but there are numerous race cars gathering in Los Organos and the route is supposed to go right in front of our property! We met one car owner today; he was a lawyer from Lima wearing a "United We Stand" T-shirt with an American flag. He told us he had spent a year at Yale....except when he said it, is sounded like a year in jail.
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