Thursday, April 1, 2010

April fools

Thankfully no one played any April fools jokes on me today. I'm not sure the Peurvians have the same tradition. It is Easter week though which is a big holiday week for them.

When we arrived at the property this morning there were seven workers. They had most of the upper beam forms ready to be poured in the kitchen area. They should have been able to do this this afternoon. The conduit for the electrical outlets and switches is ready to be put in. I think they still need to put the sleeve for the gas line in before the kitchen floor is poured. It's a bit harder to see the progress since we aren't out there day and night. It's all bit by bit, step by step.

In the next picture, the workers are moving dirt from what will be the pool terrace off to another part of the property. They encounter huge rocks but still keep on going.

The saga of the fan continues today. We took the fan to a man who repairs refrigerators and air conditioners. We went through the motor and got it all working; including the one button that never worked in the first place.
Fabulous. We get it back to the room, turn it on and both lay down for a siesta, enjoying the breeze. 30 minutes into this nice siesta there is a click, and the fan quits. Bummer. We took it back but he wasn't open this afternoon. We'll try again tomorrow.

The roads are much better today as things have dried out since the rain. There were also a couple of graders out today which helped things tremendously.

Doug and Caroline went riding this afternoon. They enjoy their rides together and get to explore a lot of the surrounding territory. It's nice that Doug has someone who enjoys riding as much as he does.

Georg and his family, and their friends were at El Refugio today. When we saw them just before noon, they were headed out to the house in El Nuro. As it turned out, they didn't make it up there until quite late this afternoon. I'm anxious to hear how they fare without refrigeration and whether they encounter any problems with the electricity.

I've been feeling pretty down lately. I think the temporariness (I'm not sure that's a word!) of our circumstances is wearing on me. I'm ready for some permanancy. I've also run out of some medications that are not available in Peru that I know of. One is a sleeping med and I've been hoping I can cope. The last couple of nights have been rough, but I want to give it at least a week before caving. The other one I will have to figure out is one for restless leg syndrome. I've had few, if any, problems since I've been on the medication. So, you kind of get into the mind set that maybe you don't need it. However, if you've ever suffered this, you know how irritating and annoying it can be. I think the other thing that has really been dragging on me is the heat; my own personal summers as well as the humid heat of summer in the tropics. It seems I'm always hot and sweaty...and a cool shower only provides relief for a short time. It seems easier to find relief in El Nuro where we have space; hammocks on the veranda, a veranda that's covered and catches some breeze. It's hard to feel attractive. And it's been hard to get motivated to do anything. Any suggestions?

Once again, thanks to all of you that follow this blog. Keep in touch.
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