Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wow, today was a lazy day. We did the usual shopping trip in the morning, and then... spent time in the hammock, read a book, took a nap, took a walk, spent more time in the hammock...cooked spaghetti for dinner and am now doing our usual computer time. It was also a hot day; we plan on moving the mattress outside tonight and sleeping out under the stars. Hope the bugs don't get too bad!

Construction advances. Most of the interior and exterior walls in the storage, pantry and kitchen have been finished. The wall separating the kitchen from the dining room went up and the crew began the foundation for the final layer.

In the master bath, they were pouring the cement floor. The central part here will be covered with wood flooring and the sides will be tiled. All the walls in the master suite are also finished. It is now 7:30 in the evening and there are workers still working in the master suite using a generator for light.

The form for the jacuzzi is finished and the last part of the wall for the master suite is now in. There will be a sliding glass door connecting the master suite with the dining room.

At the end of the day, they poured these columns for the upper part of the living room. They should be able to form up the remaining columns tomorrow and could possibly begin pouring the upper beams over the weekend. What a difference having a full crew makes!

Koki will arrive tomorrow morning. He generally leaves Chiclayo around midnight and travels through the night, arriving here at about 6 a.m.

We'll need to make a decision about the location of the water tower. Originally it was located behind the master suite and the bungalows. However, when we were on site, we realized this put it in the center of Georg's view. While Georg was here, we relocated it behind the kitchen. This put it far enough east so as not to interfere with Georg's view of the coastline. However, when Georg was up at the house for Easter week, he saw the rebar towers and complained that the water tower in that location would destroy his view from the master bedroom. In actuality, it only blocks his view of the road and hillside development. I think his objection is that he can see the water tower and would prefer it located out of sight. The only way to do this is to locate it on Georg's property, not our own. After consulting with the engineers, we cannot reasonably locate the water tower anywhere except across the back of our property. Otherwise the distance to the bungalows is too far for gravity to provide enough pressure. We've tried to be accomodating to Georg's wishes, being good neighbors, but he may have to compromise on this one. Right now, we are at an impasse.
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