Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a beautiful sunrise this morning! Even before the sun actually peeked over the hill, it's reflection was seen in oranges and pinks in the clouds. No rain this morning so it didn't start out muggy. Yesterday morning we had quite a rain shower; soaking everything. It was short lived, but the humidity remained at 80+% for most of the day.

Almost all of the interior walls in the kitchen/living room and for the master suite are finished. This first picture shows the view looking down into the studio from the master bedroom. The stairs going down will be located just behind the worker building this short wall.

Workers have also begun to frame the beams for the upper part of the living room. Today they were setting the rebar and tying it into place. Getting these beams done will be another milestone; the carpenter can then return to finish the roof. Tiles and ceramics are supposed to arrive tomorrow. Koki said he was trying to buy all the materials necessary for the second phase of construction and he was hoping to have it on site this week.

The electrician has been here all week; he has been digging ditches and laying in conduit for all the electrical connections. He's encountered some rock which he hasn't been able to remove; we'll see how he deals with that.

The pumps and other mechanical equipment for the pool should be here this week as well.

I finished my latest bath mat on the loom today. I won't start another project right away though, as it sound like we may have to move out yet again. Georg is coming with his family for the first week in May. Don't know if he'll want the house, but it kind of sounds like it. However, if we do move this time, I don't think we'll move back in. Despite the ideal location for us to monitor the construction, we've had so many other problems here we are thinking it isn't worth it.

We are off to dinner at Jay's. He's been working on a recipe for BBQ chicken that he wants us to try out. What cooking I've had of Jay's has been excellent, so I'm looking forward to dinner tonight.
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  1. How's Doug and how's your finger? You didn't mention either, so I hope you are both better.

  2. Looking good! The roof lines don't seem to take away the view. Lovely sun rise. Cheers!

  3. Doug's back to normal...just a quick bug I guess. My finger is healing; still a bit red and puffy, but nightly soaks and lots of Neosporin have made most of that go away.