Monday, April 12, 2010

Early this morning, Doug went into Vichayito to pick up Bruce. As the crew had finished the floor in the kitchen, this was Bruce's day to install the cabinets.

Once they were back up at El Nuro, I went in and picked up Peggy. We then went to the market to pick up the groceries for the workers. It felt strange not to stop for water as well. One thing on Juana's list was one sole worth of vegetables for soup. Many vendors in the market will put an assortment of vegetable scraps and beans into a small bag for soup. Our favorite vegetable lady puts a two quart bag together of pieces of the various veggies she has for sale. She includes cabbage, squash, onion, carrot, beans, celery, leeks, peppers, broccoli, beans among other veggies. So.... for about 30 cents, you have the base for a soup.

As we came up the road toward the property, Peggy commented that she could see some of the cabinets up. Indeed, the upper cabinets along the back wall were up. Amazing. It took Bruce and Doug all day to set the cabinets in place. They were able to set the cabinets in the kitchen with the exception of the island. Their power tools ran out of power, and the generator was not strong enough to keep things going. Even so, the kitchen looks awesome. It actually looks larger now then it did without the cabinets. This will be the largest kitchen I have had in my adult life. I look at all the cabinet space and think I will never be able to fill it all. What a change from "how will I fit everything in?"

In other parts of the construction, workers finished the walls in the pantry and in the storage room. The layout for the pouring of the dining room floor and breezeway are almost done. The walls in the master bathroom were also finished today.

So much progress has been made in this last week. I looked back at the pictures taken last week and am amazed. I so appreciate Koki's push to get things done. I tease him about getting things done for my birthday at the end of April. Can't see it happening, but if they keep going the way they did this week it just might be possible.

Two more of our electronics have been fried. One of the computer cords is no longer functioning and my phone charger has quit working. The new fan we bought this week in Mancora also quit working during the night last night. We had an electrician out here on Friday, who checked all the circuits and the connections with the solar system. He thought everything was in order, except for perhaps the circuit breakers. He said the brand Georg had used were cheap and didn't always shut off the power when there was a problem. As this was all he could identify as a problem, we had him replace the breakers with a better quality brand.... one that should kick off if there is a problem. I think my phone charger preceeded this, but don't think the computer cable problem did. Frustrating... what do you do?

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Bruce and Peggy here. They are both easy people to have around. I was a bit nervous about their visit; not knowing Bruce well at all, and never having met Peggy... but it has been wonderful. We hope they will return again as they have become friends above business
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