Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday 9 April 2010 was a busy day all around! Bruce, Koki, Ferruco, Jay and Doug went fishing. They met the captain of their boat at 6 am on the pier at Los Organos. Apparantly, there were some problems with the boat, and the captain wanted to postpone until tomorrow, but Koki said...We're here to fish. It sounds like they arranged another boat and were off within a half hour of their scheduled departure. They fished off the coast between Los Organos and Mancora. In all, they caught about 20 fish and had a great time. Koki was the only one who didn't catch any fish, and the guys really teased him about it. It sounded like this was only the second or possibly third time Koki had ever fished.

Peggy called me this morning and asked to join me for the morning run of food and water. It worked out well as she also had some laundry to drop off and needed to change dollars to soles. Just as we finished up delivering food and water to the camp kitchen, the guys were back from fishing. We met them at a restaurant in Los Organos where they were enjoying a few beers. We ordered a plate of ceviche and two of chicharon so Peggy and Bruce could try out some local specialties. As we sat, Bruce began to slump and then tipped over backwards in his chair. It turned out the leg of his chair had colapsed. In the process, he never spilled a drop of his beer and was no worse for the incident.

Not too much later, my chair began to colapse as well. As I started to go down, Koki tried to catch me and the legs on his chair colapsed as well. I was laughing so hard, it brought tears to my eyes!

Once back at the property, we all relaxed into a peaceful afternoon. Bruce was soon asleep in one of the hammocks. Doug soon occuppied the other hammock and drifted off as well. Peggy checked her e-mail and then went for a 2km walk along the beach. Koki laid down in the house and was soon sleeping. I picked up my Sudoku puzzles and sat out on the edge of the patio and watched the workers. We all did our thing; we all relaxed.

There was a lot that happened as far as the construction went as well. I think we had a crew of fifteen or sixteen today. Most of them focused their attention on the kitchen/dining room area. The masons finished the brick wall on the side of the kitchen, and applied the final smooth finish to three of the four walls of the kitchen. The terrace which connects the dining room and the master suite is beginning to take shape as well. Workers were setting the forms, leveling and laying it out. The carpenters continued working on the roof for the master suite. There are some joints in the cross beams between the trusses in the kitchen building which we were not happy with; the joints weren't very clean and compromised the strength of the cross beams. We'd pointed them out and expressed our dissatisfaction. I was happy to see there were no such joints in the master suite roof structure.

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