Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today was another big day for the construction. The floor for the dining room, and the breezeway which is 8 feet above the ground connecting it to the master suite were poured today. The first picture shows the dining room floor from the kitchen. The next is looking over toward the master suite from the kitchen. The third picture is looking back at the kitchen/dining room from the master bedroom. The walls in the master bath and bedroom are now done so they should be able to pour the floor in the next couple of days. What a difference it makes having 15 workers! The extra day helps too.

Doug and I took Peggy and Bruce to the airport in Piura so they could catch their flight to Lima. I think they enjoyed their visit here and their trip to Peru. We certainly enjoyed having them here. It would have been nice for us if Bruce could have installed more of the cabinets, but then he got some extra days of vacation!

We had another cable fail. The computer cable, one we just bought, stopped working the night before last. We had an electrician come out to the house on Saturday to check the circuits and the solar system. He didn't find anything wrong with it except he said the breakers were a cheap brand that might not trip when there was a problem. We had him replace the breakers with a better brand. We also bought a surge protector in Piura today; hopefully that will protect our stuff if the breaker doesn't. What a pain!

We went into Los Organos for Pollo a la Brasa tonight. The food is always good and after being gone all day, neither of us were in the mood for cooking. There was quite a bit of activity in the square tonight. Doug thought it because everyone was over their hangover from the weekend. Whatever, it was there were lots of people.

We've been trying to get our taxes filed. It has been a bit tricky doing everything through an intermediary and electronically. We will be electronically filing; but printing out the signature form, getting it faxed back and a hard copy mailed is a different story when you don't have access to a printer, fax and post office.
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  1. Wow! I guess I haven't read for a couple of days. I see I am far behind. The cabinets look gorgeous! You got them in the kitchen but not in the bathrooms etc? It has to be exciting for you!

    The water situation brought back lots of memories. I remember one place I stayed that did not have running water but had bathrooms...and a stream nearby. We would carry water by the buckets to fill the back of the tank so we could flush. Needless to say, there were no showers or laundry facilities. We handled that by wearing our bathing suits to the stream, toting our laundry and did the two simulaneously...hope no one used the water as potable downstream!

    The cement looks great...I take it the tiles that we see are the tiles for the roof. The pictures with Koki and his wife didn't come through on my blog. The car rally sounded fun to watch. Glad you weren't in one of them. =)

  2. No tiles yet. Which ones are you referring to? Lots going on recently. I think we lit a fire under Koki. I'll try to send his picture again.