Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Yesterday we started changing the configuration of the gate at El Nuro so the trucks could get up to the property. The cement trucks and brick trucks have had to park outside the fence and workmen have passed the material over the fence onto the property. Our container with our furniture and personal stuff from the US has arrived at the port of Paita and will soon be trucked up to the property. Hopefully with the change in the location of the gate, it will not have a problem getting up close to where we plan on storing stuff.

The workers have poured the slab in the battery room. They have also been tying the rebar for the pool.

Last night we went into Mancora to celebrate our anniversary with Jim and Daniella. We went to a tiny restaurant that has the most delicious tuna tartar. Any other dish we have had there has also been superb.

Today we were up and out to the property with food and water. Being Sunday, no work was going on. We also took a second trip out to deliver food for tomorrow as we will be in Paita.

Our container with all of our household goods arrived in Paita on the 10th of February. We will travel there tomorrow with notarized documents and passports to start the process through customs. There is an agent working with the moving company that is supposed to help us through this process. However, our communication has been spotty and we don't know where we are supposed to meet her in Paita tomorrow. So, I guess tomorrow will be interesting to say the least.
I have sorted through almost 500 pictures of our trip to Galapogos. I will try to organized them and post them soon. It may take a few days, so please be patient with us.
Thanks to all of you who read this blog. We've enjoyed writing it and we hope you've enjoyed reading it.

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  1. Hope you find your things easily. I'll bet it will be nice to have your own things. Where are you going to keep them until your place is ready? It seems to me that you were hoping one of the upper buildings would be done so you could store your things there. Looking forward to your next post!