Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16 February 2010

This morning out at the property, the crew was working on the swimming pool. All of the rebar has been tied and the levels worked out so the pour began. Wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow, the cement was brought down to the pool bottom and dumped. The pool bottom will be done in at least four sections with a "water stop" between each section. The water stop is a piece of rubber about eight inches wide that will fit horizontally between each section of concrete. The water stops allow them to pour the pool in sections rather than all at one time.
They had moved the mixer down to the second level and piped water from the cistern on the first level down into a ba
rrel close to the mixer.

They had also poured the floor to the maid's quarters and were going to do the final finish on it today.
Another crew was working on the gate into the development. The larger trucks have been unable to come up the driveway because of the sharp turn into the gate. Planning ahead for the arrival of our container and future needs for construction, Georg and Doug planned to reconfigure the gate so this would no longer be a problem. This crew was from Georg's hotel in Vichayito and separate from our construction crew.
This afternoon I worked on renewing a prescription for medication I take daily. There is only one pharmacy in Peru that carries it. Queen Farmacias are associated with Lilly drugs and most others are not. I called them to renew the prescription. That was no problem. I offerred to pay by credit card, but then they needed a signature. I then offerred to transfer the money into their bank account. That was fine by them. However, I couldn't do it online and so called my dear friend Luis in Lima. I transferred the money into Luis' account and he took a voucher to the bank used by Queen Farmacia. I then called the pharmacy to confirm the transfer. They will then put the medication on a bus to Los Organos and I can pick it up at their terminal when it arrives. No need for a prescription, no question as to the amount of pills (I asked for 6 months), no questions...a different world.

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