Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When we arrived at the property this morning, they were pouring the second section of the pool. Also the engineer was on sight and had the workers add another section of rebar at the far end of the pool since it was not sitting on firm ground.

The plumber was here today to put in some of the fittings for the pool.
The white round piece will eventually accomodate a light and the small tubes he is attaching to the rebar will be for the circulation of the water.

The crew was down to 9 this week. Some of the workers returned to Chiclayo as they couldn't take the heat. So, even short handed, the work continued.
There were two workers bringin down the cement in wheelbarrows while others were keeping the mixer supplied with water, sand and gravel. Other workers were working on building the forms for the walls of the pool.

The maid's quarters floor was finished yesterday. It now has a smooth finish of concrete.

We spent a good portion of the day with the architect. There were a few changes that he wanted to make. First, solar panels will now be mounted on each building to supply that building with electricity. We put together a list of all electrical needs for each building so the solar needs could be calculated. Secondly, the cistern will be split into two tanks.
Also the wall in the master bedroom will be raised higher to accomodate a tapestry above the bed.
Koki also sent us four "photos" of what the master bedroom might look like. The changes we made are the higher wall behind the bed and there will a cabinet and countertop where the sinks are. His original idea was to have two large mirrors behing the sink and to put the sinks in a concrete form as shown in the pictures. Move on to the next post to see the pictures.
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