Thursday, February 25, 2010

We went back to Paita today to make the final payments for storage and movement of the container, and to get our deposit back.

We showed up at the Mediteranean Shipping and Storage Office a little before noon. They were very helpful, but needed on piece of inforamation. Where was the container now? Fortunately, I had the driver's phone number and called to find out; Ransa.

The Ransa office confirmed that the container had been returned but had not yet inspected it for damage. We were told to return at 2:oo in the afternoon when the gentleman that coordinated with Ransa would be in.

So we decided to walk around to find a restaurant where we could sit with the dog and relax over lunch. There was one restaurant at the end of the beach where I check and they were not open. I asked them to recommend another restaurant. Off we went in search of El Grifo which we found a few blocks down along the waterfront. There seating was mostly outdoors and had a great view of the harbor of Paita. The food was excellent!

We went back to the Mediteranean Shipping and Storage Office at two and waited for about half an hour. The secretary was very chatty and talked about how hard it was to learn English. She had taken some classes at a school in Piura (an hour away by car), but found it frustrating because it was not focused on conversational skills. She was very sweet and kept us entertained until the gentleman we had been waiting for returned.

This gentleman handed us a stack of papers, and $300 and told us we were done. The storage and moving fees came out of the $500 deposit. We were finally done with the moving of our stuff to El Nuro! We both felt like celebrating. It was a relief and we felt we had achieved another milestone.

These photos were all taken in Paita from the restaurant.
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