Thursday, February 25, 2010

24 February 2010

After coming back from Paita, we stopped at the property to pick up the water jugs for tomorrow's water run and to pick up the grocery list.

The progress on the pool continues. They have now poured three of the four sections and have poured cement floor for the mechanical room. They should finish the pour for the pool this week.

We have requested that the crew concentrate on the kitchen/living room and the master suite. Getting these two buildings finished will allow us to move our furniture and things inside and to live there while the rest is being finished.

The solar panels to generate the electricity for the house are in the works. There has been a lot of discussion between us and the architect over how this system should be configured. He has a solar engineer advising him, but we haven't received a plan we are comfortable with. Our neighbor, Jim from the Yukon Territory in Canada, agreed to sit down with Doug and me and educate us bit about how to configure a plan. He runs his mining camp off of solar panels.

The brick layer in the orange shirt began on the exterior finishing of the walls to the two areas we have put our furniture in. This exterior layer will prevent the moisture from any rain from seeping in through the relatively pourous bricks. I think the mixture is similar to cement and he is literally throwing this stuff onto the wall. Apparantly, they let this layer dry before adding a second. The third layer will be the smooth outer surface that will be painted.

This section of cement of the floor in the laundry room was taken out as it had some cracks in it and was a bit uneven. It's nice to know these workers are perfectionists, and will do the job right.
Later tonight, we went down to a local hostel where they allowed a group of us to watch the Canadianmen's ice hockey game with Russia. The general concensis amongst our Canadian friends here is that Russia would be the toughest competition for the Canadians. It turned out the Canadian team dominated, winning 7 to 3. They now move on to the quarter finals. Our friends are very confident their team will get the gold. I hope the US makes it to the finals with Canada; that would be fun to have two sides cheering.Posted by Picasa

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