Monday, February 15, 2010

15 February 2010

This morning we drove to Paita, where our container arrived last Thursday. We were supposed to meet with Teresa with World Moving and Storage in Lima and get all the documents together to process it through customs. We arrived in Paita at about 10:00 and found the customs office. Teresa was a no show. A customs agent was very kind to us and took us back to his office to see if they could locate the container. They did but needed the documents Teresa has in order to process the container. When we called the offices of World Moving and Storage in Lima to talk with Teresa, we were told she would not be in the office until noon. She would call us as soon as she got in. Well, it is almost 10p.m. and we still haven't heard from her. It's frustrating that she told us to meet her there, and have her not show up. Even more frustrating is that she has not returned our calls to let us know what's going on.

We did, however, watch a container ship in the harbor unload and load. On this particular ship, they were unloading the front and loading the back at the same time. The containers coming off were loaded onto trucks which would then transport the container to a holding yard awaiting customs inspection and clearance.

This afternoon when we visited the property, the workers were working on the swimming pool. I looks like they have three sections done. Each and everyone of the intersections of the rebar is tied by hand. It's a huge undertaking and a huge indulgence on my part. I'm sure I'll enjoy the pool when it is done!

Then Doug and I went out for a late lunch in Los Organos at a restaurant called Bamboo. They usually serve lobsters as well as other seafood. It sits right on the beach so is a great spot to people watch. It is also not a touristic spot, so you get more of the local flavor. It was a very warm afternoon, so there were many people at the beach and in the water. Some were playing volleyball and some were playing soccer. Others were body surfing and a few were using boogy boards. It was a fun lunch. Neither one of us were sure what the stand was for; lifeguard or volleyball official. It was the first time we had seen this structure.



  1. Did you have lobster for lunch? The view you showed us is gorgeous. Reminds me of being down there during February and going to "La Playa". What fun it was - we were down below Lima.

    You will love that pool. It's quite fun to watch the process. I hope that you got your cargo of goods. It will be interesting tohear what the gal's story is of why she didn't show up...I'm sure it will be a good one.

  2. We have been able to find langostas in one restaurant in Los Organos on occasion. It's kind of hit or miss.
    We finally connected with the moving company in Lima late this afternoon. They are sending someone else to Paita to bring the container through customs. The only word we got about Teresa is that she is out of the office because she has problems.
    There's a big push to get the pool finished except for the tile work. They are trying to finish up all the cement work and then move on to the next stage.