Friday, August 20, 2010

19 August 2010

Hopefully, the fourth time is the charm today. I have written and tried to post the blog for the day three times already. The internet connection keeps dropping off and everything gets lost in the ether-world.
I woke up this morning feeling rather depressed. Even though I had a long nap yesterday afternoon, I still slept through the night and didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I really tired. I’m tired of trying to understand what people are saying to me. My Spanish isn’t too bad, but try as I do, there are some people I don’t understand no matter how many times I say “huh?” I’m tired of all the dust that gets into everything and accumulates daily. I’m tired of the construction and all the delays. I’m tired of the foreman coming to me to tell me they don’t have enough materials to continue to work. I’m tired of making the morning run for groceries and coming back to find the workers also need something from town. I’m tired of keeping the dog from killing the cat. I’m tired of the flies that can be relentless at times.

Ramon told me he needed 28 bags of concrete to continue working this morning. He had tried to call Koki, but Koki was not answering his calls. I told Ramon I would get some in Los Organos so they could keep going. On the way into town, Koki did call me to say he would phone ahead to the Ferreteria and pay for the cement over the internet. So, I spent most of the morning hauling cement. It’s this kind of lack of planning that gets really frustrating over time.

Yesterday I saw pod of whales traveling south. They were about 300 meters off shore. I spotted them when I noticed a big blow; a big spray of water that then drifted in the wind. Then I saw the dorsal fins surface and disappear. On occasion one would playfully slap his tail and make a splash. Others seemed like they were spiraling as they were swimming as they would slap the water with their flippers, first on one side, then the other. At one point, one came up out of the water, about 2/3rds of his body length, and then crashed over on his side and made a huge splash.

I went to Talara this afternoon. There were three things I wanted to get: a vacuum cleaner, a muzzle and a pad to go under the rug. There was very little selection for the vacuum cleaner; maybe three different models in any one store and each store had pretty much the same as their competitors. They were small and looked like toys compared to the ones we are used to using in our homes in North America. I bought the one with the most power, and hope it will hold up.

The vet’s office was closed. I thought they might be closed for the siesta noon break, but he was still closed when I stopped by later in the afternoon. I found a few pet items in one store, but no muzzle. Stormy gets a reprieve!

The carpet pad was also not to be found. I thought I had seen some very thick heavy felt like material in the market when we were there before. I didn’t see anything like it as I was looking through the stall and the attendant thought I was crazy when I tried to tell him what I was looking for. I told him thick and soft and demonstrated a quarter of an inch with my fingers. He brought me some very heavy canvas material, then some fleece, and finally something quilted. Oh well, I will have to keep looking and buy it when I see it!

I did, however, purchase a stereo. I came across the box with all our music tapes. It has been a long time since I’ve listened to any of my music! I’m looking forward to listening to something other than Salsa. I like Salsa, but after a while it all sounds the same.

Once back at the house late in the afternoon, I decided to “work” a little bit at the loom. As I was getting situated, I accidentally stepped on the kitten. The Chairman let out a yowl. Don’t feel too sorry for her, she nailed me! I have two puncture wounds on one side of my heel and several scratches on the other side. As I was nursing my injuries, and feeling the stinging pain, I began to think the Chairman could fend for herself quite well. This revelation began to develop in my mind…..

I brought Stormy into the studio with the cat. I had Stormy sit and then waited to see what would happen. It wasn’t long before the chase was on. Cones of yarn sitting on the steps went flying as they went up and then back down the steps. The Chairman soon found a spot behind some bins and a shelf where Stormy couldn’t get into. Stormy began barking, the kitten was hissing and growling. Stormy stuck her nose in the gap and Chairman swatted away. This went on for several minutes. Stormy received a few good scratches across the nose, but these didn’t seem to really faze her. When blood started getting smeared on the bins of yarn, I pulled Stormy away and put her back outside. The Chairman’s little heart was pounding away and her fur was standing straight up on end. It took her a while to calm down, but she sure was snuggly for a while!

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