Tuesday, August 17, 2010

17 August 2010

I started the day hoping to get the master bedroom set up. We have the headboard connected to the footboard of our sleigh bed. I also have the framework for the sleep comfort air bed assembled. However, we must be missing whatever mechanism puts the two together. I think I will ask Chino to make me some slats to fit in the bed frame to put the air bed frame on. Then I think the rest will fall into place.
There is very little else to move into the house. I realised my studio was not going to be big enough for all of my sewing and weaving stuff, so have planned to move the sewing into the battery room for the solar panels. The batteries will not take up that much space so I can dedicate the rest for sewing. Right now there are a couple of workers camped out in that room, so I've just set those boxes aside.
We didn't bring that much stuff from Oregon, so moving in has been relatively easy. I'm hoping to find some bookshelves which will complete what we need for furniture. We have a local carpenter building some outdoor furniture for us; tables, chairs and lounge chairs for the pool. I think I will ask him to build us some bookshelves as well.
Much of the work being done around the house right now is little stuff. Tile has been installed above the sinks in the bungalows and the walls have been prepared for mirrors. Chips in the cement in various spots have been repaired. The grouting has been completed for the glass blocks in the master bath. The grouting throughout the house has also been sealed. Tiles have been laid in the entry...we have a reception area and then stairs down to the parking area. We chose to have a patterned tile cascade down the steps; the pattern continuous for the rise and the step itself down the length of the stairs. These are being laid and it is looking really cool.
The wall along the south side of the entry is also in place and smoothed. It lacks a coat of paint and then I can put my mural up. My daughter, Mandy, tried to convince me to do the mural as a mosaic, but I just don't think I have the resources to provide me with the variation in colors I am looking for. I think I will paint it for now, and if I can find sufficient material to do the mosaic, I can always add it later. The mural I have planned consists of various fish, plant life, and shells we find here. The shapes will be realistic, but I want to make geometric and abstract designs within the shapes. It's a rather brave undertaking, but the worst that can happen is I paint over it all and leave it blank.
I am not sure the kitten is going to survive Stormy. For the last week, I have orchestrated things so neither one is in the same room at the same time. When the kitten is in the studio, and Stormy is outside, she is barking, lunging and the windows and so intent on getting to the cat it is scary. Her intensity is amazing...and it hasn't let up at all. At night I have put Stormy in her kennel and let the kitten cuddle with me. However, this afternoon when I took the kitten up to the bungalow and put her down on the floor ready to close the door, Stormy stormed in (forgive the pun) and was on the kitten in an instant. I pulled her off, and all is o.k., but I'm not sure she will ever chill out when it comes to the kitten!
After working on the master bed, I worked on a project I began designing last night. It seems that we didn't pack any placemats or tablecloths for the dining room table. So, I have been designing some placemats to weave on the loom. I now have the project threaded on the loom and will begin the weaving tomorrow.
I need to leave Peru in the next week. My visa expires on the 28th of August. Basically all this means is that I need to leave Peru and then return to renew the visa for another 3 months. The easiest way for me to do this is to take the bus to Ecuador and then return. We do have someone working on obtaining a resident visa for us. This would mean that we could stay in Peru indefinitely; take advantages of being Peruvian citizens, but maintain our American citizenship.
Doug is in the states visiting with his family. I don't really feel alone here as there are always several workers on the property. They have been quite protective of me, which is really nice. Even so, I am anxious to have Doug return and for us to move forward in our home together.

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