Friday, August 20, 2010

20th August

I was sitting in my studio when I looked up and saw this first picture. These are the painters who are painting the eves of the buildings. There are scaffolds around in abundance, yet how they put things together to get access to what they need to work on is a study in amazement. Can you imagine what OSHA would have to say?

Today was a much more productive day. I cleaned the living room, music room, dining room and studio with the vacuum cleaner. Even though I swept before vacuuming, there was a bunch of dust collected. I set up the stereo and listened to a couple of Paul McCartney CD's as I cleaned out the piano. It was really nice to listen to music of my choice..not just what was playing.
The piano room is all set up, although I still need someone to help me put the lid on the piano. I'm hoping this will help keep the dust down. Any one of these workers would help me so all I need to do is ask.

Stormy and the Charman have had their stand-0ffs today. Neither one seems to have the upper hand at this point, but St0rmy has been called off a couple of times. It seems that if the Chairmam has a position of defense, then Stormy only barks and whines at it This afternoon, they went nose to nose again. The Chairman was safely behind the front of the table loom while Stormy kept barking and lunging at her position. Stormy finally retreated. Right now, Stormy is outside and the Chairman is climbing my back looking for a spot to repose.

I also composed a note to Koki tonight expressing my frustration with how things are progressing. Twice in the last week, the workers have come to me saying they do not have enough materials to continue working. I've ended up buying materials so the workers can continue. Obviously, this should be Koki's responsibility to have the materials here for the workers.

Oh, so frustrating.... and, in the end, will we have the house we contracted to have? That is indeed the big question.

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