Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11 august 2010

Today has been one wierd day! When I checked on the kitten this morning, she appeared to be in distress. She appeared to be blind, she was stumbling, and was very disoriented. I also noticed that she was foaming at the mouth. Any time I touched her, she hissed and struck out at me. I asked Sanchez to come and help me. He seemed to agree that the kitten was very ill and he took her away. I fully expected he would eliminate the cat and that would be the end of it. So, much of the day, I grieved the loss of this kitten; so young and unfortunate to be born in a third world country where diseases are common and the mortality rate is quite high.
This evening, Sanchez brought the Chairman back to me. I was so amazed and asked him if it was the same cat. He said, yes it was. So far this evening, she has been cuddling against my chest without moving. There are no signs of the previous dementia or disorientation. She does seem to be extremely docile though, so I'm wondering what is in her future. What a roller coaster of emotion though.

Pictures shown on the blog today chronicle the move of the piano from the storage room to the piano room. These guys have no experience with moving pianos, so all they know is to manhandle it. Unfortunately, one side is rather scraped up, but I believe the damage is only cosmetic. I'm hoping to work with the piano in the next couple of days; getting it cleaned up and playable. My guess is that most of these workers have never seen a piano before; and hopefully will really enjoy hearing it being played.

Something is wrong with the hot water system. No one seems to know what. The water is not quite so cold during the late afternoon after the sun has had a chance to warm the water in the tank. So, if you time your shower, it isn't so bad. Hopefully all these glitches will work out.

Koki is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I have a list of things for him to fix and/or consider. I'm guessing these things always show up after construction of a new house. I'm realizing that new construction is very different than buying an existing house. There are so many little things that need to be taken care of. We will be reviewing a long list when he arrives.
Building a home is a thousand times more difficult than buying an existing home. Doug and I have certain standards of quality that some of the subcontractors haven't lived up to. Our contract with Koki specifies that the house will be built to our satifaction. Given this, there are several things which will have to be modified.

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  1. I figured that piano had to be coming into the picture before long. I'm amazed you waited as long as you did. I hope you are able to easily repair any damage.

    Keep us posted on your kitten. Did you name it "Chairman"? I hope it is minor, whatever the problem. That is the worst thing about having animals, isn't it? Get a picture for us!

    I was glad to find your post today. I look forward to keeping up. We just got back from a week at the coast. It was wonderful. Our house was right next to the beach, so we have an inkling of what your view every day is. We watch the dory boats go in and out every day. Lots of activity. Luckily for us, the weather was good. There were 22 of us in and out throughout the week. Nephew and niece from Boston, Brother and family from Denver, nephew and niece from Seattle, then all of us. It was quite fun. Two of the nieces were pregnant so we gave them a shower Friday night...very fun for us. Mom will have her first great grandson from the kids in Denver. They are naming him Sebastian. They don't know the middle name. The ones from Seattle are having a girl and have a middle name but no first name (We called her "Blankie Michelle".

    How's Doug's mom doing? How soon does he leave? Hate to think of you alone there. Glad you have made some good friends. When do your friends from Canada return?

    Take care, my friend!

  2. The kitten has rabies--"After the virus reaches the brain it then will move to the salivary glands where it can be spread through a bite. After the virus reaches the brain the animal will show one, two, or all of the three different phases.

    Prodromal phase

    The first is the prodromal phase. Apprehension, nervousness, anxiety, solitude, and a fever may be noted. Friendly animals may become shy or irritable and may snap, whereas, aggressive animals may become affectionate and docile. Most animals will constantly lick the site of the bite. In cats, the prodromal phase lasts for only 1-2 days and they usually develop more fever spikes and erratic behavior than dogs.

    Furious phase

    From the prodromal phase, animals may enter the furious stage; cats are particularly prone to developing this phase. Animals become restless and irritable and are hyperresponsive to auditory and visual stimuli. As they become more restless, they begin to roam and become more irritable and vicious. Animals progress to become disoriented and then have seizures and eventually die.

    Paralytic (dumb) phase

    Animals may develop the paralytic phase either after the prodromal or furious stage. The paralytic phase usually develops within 2 to 4 days after the first signs are noted. Nerves affecting the head and throat are the first to be involved and animals may begin to salivate as a result of their inability to swallow. Deep labored breathing and a dropped jaw may result as the diaphragm and facial muscles become increasingly paralyzed. Animals may make a choking sound and many owners think that there is something lodged in the cat’s throat. The animal will get weaker and eventually go into respiratory failure and die.