Sunday, August 29, 2010

29 August 2010W

Workers are going to extend the terrace in front of the living room over to the pool deck. They started to extend only the middle two patterns of the tile, but I asked them to extend it the full length. I think it will look less chopped up this way. The reason they didn't plan it this way was because they didn't have enough tile. Now they will order more tile and it will be a smooth transition from the terrace of the living room to the pool deck.

Chino began laying the tile for the BBQ pit today. He changed the orientation of the tiles so the central point would work for an umbrella. His work is incredible.... meticulous and thoughtful.

Freddy has been doing a lot of clean up. He has been removing construction detritus from various areas and moving it off somewhere. A large truck was here yesterday to haul off the garbage. A lot of it was loaded, but there still is a significant amount here yet to go. There is still a lot of clean up that needs to happen...I never realized how messy construction could be. The crew has been quite good at cleaning up as they work; but oh so much garbage and trash has been generated.

I've been working on the mural for the wall in the entry way. I've finished parts, but have a lot of wall to go. This afternoon I was in my studio designing elements for the wall. I'm really excited as things come together. I am a bit concerned about the background.....I almost wished the painters had painted the wall the sand color that the rest of the house is painted. I think this should have happened first....but it didn't. Ultimately, what this means is that the mural will come together bit by bit; and the background will have to be done at the end. I suspect most artists would cringe at this; the background should have been done first......Ah the joys of inexperience!!

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