Friday, September 3, 2010

3 September 2010

I haven't had a chance to blog in the last few days. So much has been going on. Koki arrived on Wednesday. We began going over the final details for the construction. It seems like we have a long list, but most of it is little stuff. The major stuff left are the railings in the dining room and the master bedroom, and the rest of the screens around the eaves.

Workers have put in a set of stairs going down to the beach access. The terrace in front of the living room is now extended to the deck around the pool. The outdoor faucets are now secured in cement casings, and the outdoor showers are being set up.

The pool is looking really good. Doug and I will take a swim later this afternoon. The plumber finished all of his work on the pool yesterday. He then gave us a crash course on pool maintenance and how all the pumps, filters, etc. worked. It all made sense, but it was a lot of information to absorb at one time. Plus it was in Spanish, and so I was translating for Doug. The plumber had marked each part of the equipment and drew arrows to show the direction of the water flow. The guardian for Georg, Sanchez has been down here much of the week. He's learned a lot about how the pool works too, so maybe between the three of us, we can figure it out. Can't wait to swim again; and this time there will not be any yucky green stuff!
The mural is progressing. I've added a turtle and started on the tuna this afternoon. The parts and pieces are really starting to come together. There's still much to do!

Doug arrived in Mancora Thursday morning. It was really great to see him after his three week plus trip to the states. I've had a lot of decisions to make on my own, and I was a bit anxious about heow he would feel about them. He had a lot of questions, and found some additional things that needed work. I think overall, he was comfortable with my decisions.

Both sets of indoor stairs have now been replaced. The new steps have a six inch rise whereas the others were anywhere from six to seven and three-quarters. Much nicer. All the doors are now in as well. The screen guys have been hand crafting screens for the sliding glass doors as well as the spaced under the eaves. They've had to be really creative in how they put them together so the wind doesn't push them in and out.

And yes, we now have DirectTV. This is when I first really believed this was our home; when the TV was on and I was eating dinner. It has been fun to watch some of the US Open tennis matches. We don't really watch much other TV but we do enjoy the sports.

Well, I'm off for a swim.
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