Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28 September 2010

We bought these lamps from a ceramic artist near Cusco by the name of Semanario. He has so many fun and whimsical designs for all kinds of ceramics. I also have a mirror of his where the frame has various tiles of his various designs. We also have a light cover of his that is located out by the pool. Google Semanario and enjoy his work.

Doug and I had another kite surfing lesson today. We met our instructors, Rein and Renzo on the beach at Los Organos. When we arrived, the wind was perfect. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. Doug's kite ripped open a seam and burst a bladder, so he had to swim it in and pack it back up the beach. Rein and I did a body drag with the kite in the water, but our kite had an air leak, so the struts and structure of the kite became rather mushy. We made it back to shore and I walked the kite up the beach. This entailed keeping the kite at about 9:30-10:00 o'clock as we walked up the beach. I felt like I had a good handle on things but the wind and the kite taught me a lesson. The kite got overhead and past 12:00 and I did a face/chest plant into the sand! I bonked my head and had the air knocked out of me, but I survived to tell the tale. Hopefully, I now know what I did wrong and won't repeat the mistake. We stopped at the pharmacy on the way home for some cream to relieve pain in the muscles. It isn't like the icy-hot we get in the states, but hopefully it will have the same effect.

While we were on the beach, one of the fishing boats washed up to shore. It's anchor had lost its purchase and it came in through the waves onto shore. Another boat came to rescue it and tied a line to its bow in an effort to tow it back off-shore. The beached boat was well mired in the sand. Two men off of the rescue boat swam ashore to try to push it back into deeper water. Doug soon went to help them. Shortly there were three other men that came to help. They were able to push and maneover back into deeper water and safety. This is the kind of stuff Doug does; and he makes friends in the process.

Chairman Meow and Stormy have tenuous lines drawn for cohabitation. Most of the time, Stormy is very intent on the kitty. She will, however, come and sit by our sides when asked to do so. It's the kitty that seems to want to stir things up. Stormy settled into her kennel, but the kitty still needed to antagonize Stormy.

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