Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 September 2010

Doug was quite sociable today. He had invited the local doctor for a horseback ride this morning. The doctor has a young woman staying with her from Germany; she will shadow the doctor here for three months before starting medical school in Germany. They both really enjoyed riding the horses.
The two women then came to the house for lunch. Doug gave them the tour while I prepared seared tuna with rice and broccoli and cauliflower for lunch. We had a nice lunch and visited in English as both of our guests spoke excellent English.
Sanchez became ill today. He said his stomach started cramping and aching at about 2 o'clock this morning. By 1o this morning he was very uncomfortable. After lunch, the doctor spoke with Sanchez and thought he had eaten something bad; so therefore he had cramps and a lot of gas. She prescribed some medicine for Sanchez which Doug picked up for him. However, by about 6 o'clock this evening, Juana came to ask if we could take Sanchez to the clinic in town. It is now almost 8 o'clock in the evening and they are still at the clinic. No word as to what Sanchez's condition is. It is so unusual for him to complain about anything, so we know he is hurting.
I added some things to my mural today; a dalmatian in snorkel gear and three seahorses. I felt like the tuna, (yes, the tuna....the problem child) was too big and the dalmatian was too small. So, these two got white paint to erase them and tomorrow I'll draw them in again. I've also got the background paint so I can start finalizing the mural. I didn't take any pictures today because the pencil drawings just don't show up.
I have begun working on a new site for blogging. Once I figure out all the bells and whistles I'll change over to the new site. There have been so many problems with pictures posting and even the narrative posting that I think a change might be good. I will keep you informed on this; I still have a lot to figure out with the new site.
Thanks again to all of you who read my blog.

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