Saturday, September 4, 2010

4 September 2010

We arrived in town this morning to discover that our market stall had moved across the street. As we approached the old location, I heard Mocho call me to show me the new store. It looks really nice from the curb. There probably isn't as much room as they had before, but everything was nicely laid out and produce was spilling out onto the sidewalk. Mocho said something about being close down by a government, they just moved into their building across the street. I don't know if they will later open up the original stall again or not.

After coming back to the house, we watched some of the US Tennis Open. Both of us really enjoy tennis; playing and watching. Unfortunately, we have not been able to play at all here. The only tennis court in the area that we know about is on private property and the owner is not interested in letting outsiders use/rent his court. Eventually, we will also have a court in our develpment. Homeowners will share the cost. I don't know that it will be built for another year yet, but it is in the plans.

In the afternoon, I returned to paint my wall. The newest addition is a tuna. I haven't finished him yet, but he has been my biggest challenge so far. I was hoping to do him in reds and pinks as that is the color of the meat. I wasn't really wanting bright red so I mixed it to soften or mute it and what I got are the colors you see. I still need to add the yellow fins and accents. The nice thing is, I can always change it. It is just paint on the wall.

There is a soccer match between Peru and Canada tonight. The workers asked if they could watch the match on our TV. No problem. They are now spread out in the living room watching the game. Doug has gone into town to deliver the plumber to his bus, and will pick up some popcorn (if he can find it). I figure they might enjoy the American tradition of popcorn and beer while watching a game.

The work on the screens progresses. It seems like this team of two men work extremely slowly. They are hand making every screen for every window, door and opening under the eaves. Today their project was a double sliding glass door into the dining room. In this door, there are three panels. One is fixed and the other two slide open; therefore we can have one or two panels open at a time. I think the biggest challenge for them has been how to anchor the screen panels at the bottom. The doors are done though, so hopefully they will begin on the screens under the eaves. The flies have been terrible; but there isn't much we can do until everything in enclosed.

The glass man is supposed to return tomorrow to build the railings for the stairs and the lofts. There are still a couple of windows that are missing that he will have to install. All of the windows in the service area will need windows....and hopefully screens as well.

Chino has been working in the laundry room building a couple of cement sinks, a drain board and a cabinet below. The structure is built and he is now adding tiles. We didn't expect the tiles; we expected just smoothed cement. It will be nice when it is done.

The pool currently has the right balance of Ph and Chlorine, so the plumber is leaving tonight to return to Chiclayo. That means Doug and I are on our own as far as the pool maintanence goes. I think we will find a routine that works, but it may take a little while before it becomes part of our routine.

I think I will change the name of the kitten to Bug. In the mornings, she will wake me up. When I open my eyes, she is about two inches away staring at me. She has beautiful green eyes...and they are huge. It is either "deer in the headlights" or "bug."

I am beginning to feel like I am settling into a new home. Some of this has seems so surreal; other parts have felt like I have been on an extended vacation. But reality is settling in as I am needing to clean floors, toilets, etc.; I can sit and watch TV (granted mostly in Spanish, but there are several English challenges.) It feels pretty darn good.

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