Monday, May 3, 2010

Trouble at night

Doug and I went swimming in the ocean yesterday afternoon. We took Stormy and walked down to the beach in front of Jay's in Vichayito. Once we got down there, a huge weimeraner (sp?) came bounding down to play. He and Stormy became instant friends; chasing each other up and down the beach, in and out of the water. As we swam out, Stormy wanted to go out with us. She leaped over the waves as they broke and paddled her little heart out to be with us. She knew when enough was enough, and headed back in when a larger wave loomed. The swim was refreshing and we had so much fun watching Stormy and her new friend!

Last night, Jay was going to cook his BBQ chicken. We sat up on the rooftop, drinking beer and watching the sunset beforehand. Garrett, a neighbor from Ireland, joined us. As it became dark, Jay decided he would rather eat in town rather than cook, so we all headed into Los Organos for chicken a la brasa. Garrett wanted us all to go in his car, but since he had a car seat in the back, there wasn't room. Doug and I drove separately. Jay went with Garrett. We got into town and sat down at a table, but Garrett was no where to be seen. We soon realized, his car was gone. We ate dinner and returned to Vichayito.

After we had gone to bed, about midnight, Jay woke us up. The police had called wanting him to come into town to get Garrett. He had been involved in an accident. The driver of the other car attacked Garrett, who responded with his own attack. The accident was not Garrett's fault, although Garrett was quite drunk. Doug and Jay went and picked up Garrett and brought him back to Jay's. Sometime later, after a few more beers on the roof top, Garrett started walking home. Jay went after him to be sure he made it home, but couldn't find him. Once again, Jay woke Doug up and they went looking for Garrett. They drove up the road to his house and never saw him. Jay took a walk to trace Garrett's footsteps and found him laying in the sand. Doug and Jay finally got him home safely.

This morning we picked up groceries for the crew and headed out to the property. Most of the crew were working on finishing the cement on the columns of the living room. It seems like it is slow going. A few of the workers continue to dig out the downstairs bar and bathrooms. The carpenter's assistant was putting lacquer on the ceiling beams. As we approached, he was whistling away a traditional Peruvian tune.

Koki traveled to Lima during the night. He is there to finalize the purchase of the solar system, the generator, and tiles for the swimming pool. Hopefully this will go well, and we can move ahead with the electrical system.

This afternoon Doug and I went for massages at a local spa. The spa has a beautiful location right on the beach, and the owners have done a really nice job of putting it together. We each had an hour and a half massage which cost us each about $70. A bit spendy by Peruvian standards, but well worth the splurge once in a while.

We did finally get Jay's BBQ chicken tonight. I put on some string beans and made a salad. It was excellent.
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  1. Oh my goodness...are you sure you aren't starring in a movie or a weekly tv show? The last two postings don't seem like it is a sit-com, though. I'll bet Garrett had quite the headache the next day. Glad falling off the roof while drinking beer wasn't in the script!

    I was afraid you were going to tell me it was a scam for Mandy's needing the information right away....those "need it right now or it will be too late" can be...I was glad to read on and not see that it was. Oh what an exciting life you lead!

  2. Every day is a new adventure. Sometimes I think I am cursed for wanting the adventure to continue day by day. Looking forward to a long visit with you!