Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today Georg had his 15 year old daughter Melany ask me to help her take the horses to El Nuro. I went to see Georg and asked him where he planned to keep the horses while they were in El Nuro and what would they eat, drink, etc. He assured me that they would be fine and that he had everything planned.
They asked me when would be a good time to leave Vichyito and I said " right now" (about 1:00 P.M.) while the tide is low and we can travel by beach which is a more direct route. Travel by road is 21 kilometers with traffic. They were not ready to go, so I told then to call me when they were ready. We finally left for our trek at about 3:00 and arrived at the property about 6:45. We rode on the beach from Vichyito to Los Oreganos then rode to the highest elevation around and back down to the highway for a short distance. When we rode down the road to El Nuro, all the of the locals came out to watch the Caballos go past. This was a new site to El Nuro for sure. The horses were well spent, thirsty and hungry by the time we got there. Georg told Melany that they needed to return to Vichyito immediately to pick up his wife Natalie and bring her back to El Nuro. I suggested that they may want to water the horses just a little before they left, these horses were tired. I enjoyed the ride and Melany did an awesome job not only riding her horse but leading the baby for the 21 kilometer ride. Most of the ride was at a walk but for short spurts we would allow the horses to gallup. We were able to watch the sunset from the back of the horses as we travelled the road from El Nuro to the property. Georg thought that it would be a good idea if I roade one of the horses from Vichyito to El Nuro and back daily, that might take a few weeks to condition the horses for that much riding. The horses all did a good job today, we could not complain about them at all. It was a good experience for Melany and I hope that sometime she will try it again.

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