Saturday, May 1, 2010

Here it is, a full moon again, and we've moved again. It was a full moon when we first arrived here in September. It was a full moon when we moved out of Georg's for the high season and our trip home during the holidays. It was a full moon when we returned in January... you get the picture. We are now back at Jay's for the duration. We decided we wouldn't move again until the house is ready for us.

It was a full moon in other ways as well here. We were headed into town to have dinner with a friend and had a flat tire. We were taking the back road so it was at least off the highway, but it was dark and dusty. This being the first time with a flat with this truck, we had to find the jack, tools, etc. It happened close to a construction site and a worker came out to investigate. He had a flashlight on his cell phone which helped a lot. The anti-theft lock nut on the tire required a special wrench which we finally located in the glove box. Another aquaintence of ours stopped and helped us finish up. The rock we hit split the side wall of the tire.

After a very nice dinner, we were back at the room. I had a couple of things yet to do on the computer so I booted mine up. I got a message from my daughter that she needed a copy of my driver's license ASAP. She is buying a car, I am co-signing, the salesman is telling her the price they agreed on was only good through last night..... So, I unpack the printer/scanner and get it all set up. I can't find the scanner function on my computer and then, I get booted off the internet. I move to Doug's computer, but can't get on line there. Frustration sets in, and Doug tells me to take a break. I go take a cold shower and when I emerge, Doug's on-line! Finally, I get the image scanned and sent off to the car salesman just before I get booted off the internet again. That was it. I shut everything down and went to bed.

This morning, Saturday, we went into town, bought groceries, and headed out to the property. You can see the tiles on the floor of the dining room in this first picture. The carpenter got the roof over the kitchen before he returned to Chiclayo; two of the trusses he had brought out had huge gaps between the joints and we insisted they be redone. The carpenter's assistant is still out there working. He's putting a coat of varnish on the beams. The glass blocks are in the master bathroom. They look really nice and will let in a lot of light. We are waiting on some more tile for the walls in the bathroom before they move ahead with tiling the floor. Right now the focus is on the main building and finishing the downstairs. The workers have had to break up and remove some very large rocks to make room for the bathrooms; fortunately these are small bathrooms!

Today is also a holiday...the day of the worker. Like our labor day, it honors the workers. I thought the workers might take the day off, but they didn't...they continue plugging away. I did hear that traveling by bus throughout Peru today might be difficult as drivers, workers, etc. might not be working.
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