Thursday, May 6, 2010

Government catches up

Doug and I traveled to Talara today. We had several things in mind. First, our bank in Peru had some private documents for me and since we don't have a physical address, they sent the documents to the nearest branch in Talara. We also wanted to withdraw some money to give to Ferruco so he could buy the groceries for the crew while we are on our trip to the US. Also, we wanted to buy another cable for the laptop so we no longer had to share. The cables had been toasted by the electrical system at Georg's.
The documents at the bank requested documentation from us for the large transfers made into our account from the US and the large transfers we've made out of our account. This didn't surprise us, as we expected someone to question the transfers we've made in order to build this house. They are asking for documentation as to where the fund originated, what the relationship is with Georg, and what our relationship is with Koki's company. The other piece of information they want is documentation for the purchase of our truck. The bank has seen a lot of transfers coming in and many going out. They now want to know where this money has come from and where it has gone. There shouldn't be any problem providing the information to the bank; except that Koki hasn't come through with a contract or specific invoices for his costs. We have 5 days to produce the documentation....actually only 4 as we leave for the states on Monday. The big issue is money laundering and drugs. In the long run, I don't think this will be an issue.
We contracted with Ferruco today to buy the groceries for the crew and deliver them to the job site while we are gone. We figured we are averaging somewhat less than S/.500 a week to feed a crew of 12 of 15. We gave him S/.2000 for the three weeks we will be gone which should cover all his expenses.
Sanchez and his wife, Juana have agreed to take care of Stormy for the time we are gone. Stormy will enjoy running around the property and I think both Sanchez and his wife like Stormy. Their view of animals is not as pets. They serve a purpose. The dog on the property, Escot is a watchdog and that is what he is supposed to do. I don't think Sanchez ever played with Escot until we arrived. Stormy is somewhat of a prima-donna as far as they are concerned, but they do enjoy her.
Doug and I went into Mancora this afternoon for a late lunch/early dinner. We went to "El Aji" which is a Mexican restaurant. Excellent food and large portions, so we were well satisfied. We also had some HUGE margaritas; I think they were 20 ounces. Started off our evening so well.


  1. Things just have to be complicated to keep you on your toes, don't they? How close will you be to being able to move in when you get home? Seems like things are really going fast now. Hope the trip home is smooth and eventless....=)

  2. We should be able to move in when we get back from the states. The kitchen and the master bedroom suite are supposed to be finished by then. We are really looking forward to coming back to the states.