Friday, May 7, 2010

Another floor poured

Workers today were pouring the floor for the piano room/bar. Soon thereafter, they poured a step and then on to the floor of the living room. These will still need to have a finish layer poured on top and then they will be ready for tile. Other workers were finishing the walls in the laundry room. And others were beginning to make the forms for the upper beams of the bungalows.

I think the next few weeks will really show progress. I only slightly regret not being here for it. We've chronicled the progress from the beginning and it seems not to be such a good time to leave, but the urge to visit family and friends stateside won out. I plan on giving my camera to Chino, the maestro that is on the job most consistently and asking him to take photos for me.

Doug and Melany rode the horses back to El Refugio today. The family packs up and heads back to Lima tomorrow. This time it only took them two hours.

I spent the better part of today gathering documents to submit to the bank here. The bill of sale for the truck and the bill of sale for the property were no problem. We called Koki yesterday and told him what documentation we needed from him. Amazingly enough, a contract arrived by bus this afternoon. The only thing lacking is to print some documents from the computer. A simple thing, yes, when your printer is working. Ours, however, apparently doesn't function unless all the ink cartridges have sufficient ink. And, these ink cartridges are not available here in Los Organos. I think I will download them onto a memory stick, take them into town and have them printed there rather than drive to Talara to try to find them. Another thing for our list of things to buy while in the states!
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