Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 May 2010

Out at the property today, workers were finishing the outside walls on the living room. They also did the ceiling and walls of the mechanical room, and were working on the laundry room. The maid's room, in between these two, we asked them not to do until we could move our stuff that is stored there into the house. Most of it wouldn't be a problem, but I didn't think it wise to move the piano temporarily. Ramon, the construction foreman, was pulling the electrical wires through the conduit. He had almost all of the kitchen/dining room done today. They were also setting up to pour the floor for the piano room and the living room.
Koki was in Lima the last couple of days purchasing tile for the swimming pool, solar panels, and a generator. He won't be here until Monday, and hopefully we will have a chance to see him before we catch the bus for Lima to begin our trip. We have told Koki that we were not pleased with the quality of work of the carpenter doing the roof and we would like someone else to build our doors. Doug also told him he had made a bet with Georg. Doug said Koki would have the kitchen and the master suite done by the time we returned from our trip. Georg said he didn't think Koki could get it done. The wager was fro $1000.00. Doug told Koki that if he wasn't finished, he would have to pay the $1000.00. I later found out there wasn't a bet; but Doug said it sounded good.

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  1. LOL...leave it to Doug!!! That man! Are you excited about your trip home? It will be so nice to see you.

    I was at school today and the fourth grade had their Lewis and Clark things looked like a huge journal with illustrations covering the walls going out to the gym (they are in portables out by the covered area.) It made me think of your blog here...just like Lewis and Clark's journal...but up to date via electronics, including digital photos rather than handwritten and hand illustrated!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Happy Mother's Day!