Thursday, December 17, 2009

17 December

Wow, the last few weeks have been so hectic! We've been sorting and trying to sell tools and furniture that we are not taking to Peru. We put an add on Craig's list for the tools and had upwards of 50 e-mail inquiries a day for about ten days. At this point, we've sold probably 2/3 of the shop tools and most of the furniture found new homes.

Yesterday, Doug and friends, worked on putting up trim, painting the living room and touching up the paint in the kitchen, organized the tools left in the shop, cleaned off the back porch and got furniture ready to be moved. Doug replaced an element in the hot water heater, so now there's plenty of hot water upstairs. Carpet has been installed in Blaine's old bedroom...and there's still more stuff to go. I left for Denver to visit with my sisters on Tuesday, so all that stuff has been left in Doug's hands.

The container was to be loaded on Monday, but soon after they were supposed to be at the house to pack, we found out the container and ship were no longer scheduled to go to Lima. The movers came anyway hoping that a new container could be arranged at the last minute. They went ahead and packed up the house. We had a few piles set aside of things we were planning on taking ourselves, and then they went to work. And they packed everything else. And I do mean everything else. I had set my knitting bag aside as I was working on a hat and mitten set to take with me to wintry Denver and Chicago. I had taken out the hat and one mitten to show a friend and for whatever reason, those two pieces did not end up back in the bag. The movers packed them so when the load gets to Peru, I'll have a wool hat and one mitten! I think I'll just buy a set if I need to...much simpler. As for the container, there should be one available by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

Progress is being made in El Nuro. The workers are living on the property and have built a temporary shelter to live in during construction. They've set up a kitchen too, so have meals prepared for them on site. They' ve begun digging the trenches for the foundation of the buildings on the upper level. I'm thankful that Koki, our architect, has kept us informed by sending us pictures and updates weekly.

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