Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 November

Hi 82 degrees, 57% humidity
Low 67 degrees, 72% humidity
It rained this morning! Well, we had raindrops. You can see how much it rained by the mess on the windows of the truck!
Our stay at the El Nuro house is coming to an end. The owner and his family will come for their annual vacation on the 20th of December and will probably stay throught the month of February. Georg had said we could stay at El Refugio for this time at a 40% discount. A room with a queen bed, bath, breakfast and one meal included was $2810 a month. Wow! Even with a 40% discount it's spendy. Of course, this time period is their high season and so things are double what they would be otherwise. Anyway, after we paid the deposit, we decided to look around to see what else might be available. We e-mailed some friends; Felipe, the owner of Tenis y Playa that we had originally looked at to buy, and Jay, who bought property from Felipe and built a "hotel" (all four rooms) next door. We also checked out some other local hotels to see what their prices might be.
We drove into Vichayito, where Felipe and Jay live. We asked to see Jay at the gate to the development. We were denied access originally because Jay had not informed the guard that we were coming. We finally got the guard to call someone to communicate with Jay that we were waiting at the gate. Once Jay gave the go-ahead, we drove up to his house. He has had a rough go over the last several months as he broke up with his long time girlfriend, and had two family members pass away. Last time we saw him, he was definitely under the radar but we didn't know what was going on. When we saw him this morning, he was much more his chipper self. He agreed to rent us a room and give us access to his kitchen for $500/month. What a difference! All I said was you have a deal and shook his hand. He does not have any furniture, so we will have to buy a bed for ourselves. There will be electricity (most of the time), and hot water. A step up in the world!
Afterwards, we drove by the spa place and commented how nice it would be to get a massage. We both jumped on it and went to see when we could schedule an appointment. After lunch at El Refugio, we had our massages with hot stones and have been quite mellow ever since.
Once back at the house, I used the sourdough sponge to make a dough for rolls in the morning. I'll make a batch of cinnamon rolls and plain rolls. We're thinking of sharing it with the chef at El Refugio, and then giving him the sponge to maintain. Should be an interesting interaction...I don't think they are familiar with sourdough here.

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