Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 November

Weather today;
this morning at 5:00 it was 66.8 degrees, 76% humidity, cloudy
this afternoon at 2:00 it was 76.8 degrees, 60% humidity, clear

I know, tough to take. The month of November has been very comfortable; ranging from 68 degrees at night to 82 degrees during the day.
This morning we went into town for a few groceries and water. We've been buying our drinking water in 5 gallon jugs. If you buy them from the store, it costs you S/.27 ; S/.15 of which is a deposit on the jug. Refills at the store are S/.13. We now have a new vender that gives us 5 gallons of water for S/.2 if we provide the jug.
Maybe we're learning the ropes?
Doug finished laying out the house on the property. I did some laundry. We laid out in the sun.
I also began my tapestry. It will be slow going as the fibers are much finer than I am used to and I won't be able to combine different colors together in the weft. I'm not sure how the tapestry will look when it is done; for sure a different style than I've done before. It will be made with all Peruvian fiber and will be very colorful. Yarn is hard to find in the first place unless you are up in Arequipa where there is a factory for yarns or in Lima where there are some outlets. Most of what you find elsewhere is wool or acrylic and very bright in color; maybe even florescent!

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