Sunday, November 8, 2009

08 November

This was a quiet day for us. We drove into Mancora and worked our way back along the "ancient PanAmerican Highway", which works it's way along the coast between Mancora and Vichayito and then onto the PanAmerican highway close to Los Organos. Our friend, Luis, the tour guide, has some clients that are interested in renting a house along the beach. We found ten possibilities for him and sent him the phone numbers for them.
We did a little shopping in Los Organos for Sanchez before returning to the house. Along the way we picked up some bamboo pieces to use as pots for the plants we have started from seeds. The dirt we tried was very much like clay, and the seedlings were very small. We shall see.
I got my loom set up for my tapestry. I wanted to get more detail, so I made the warp 12 per inch. However, when I started to use the yarn that I have, some of it is too thick to cover the warp as weft. I do have several fibers that will work well, but won't be able to use more than one fiber at a time. It changes my whole idea about how this tapestry will work on this loom, but am not unhappy with the new look. We are going into Talara tomorrow morning and will look for more fibers to work with as well as a place to print the plans for the house.

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