Tuesday, November 3, 2009

03 November

Today was somewhat of a quiet day. I worked on a design for a new tapestry and began measuring out the warp thread. I ran out of warp thread, so will have to investigate what fibers are available in Los Organos. I have seen a sign for "threads" but don't know exactly what threads it is referring to. Spanish doesn't distinguish between knitting and weaving; using the same verb for both. Definitely gets confusing at times. Doug studied spanish some of the day; hoping to get a head start on tomorrow's lesson with Giordy.
The wall to the compost pile had been knocked down, so Doug built it back up and went higher yet.
The sourdough starter is perking! Time will tell if it works or not.
Doug also created Chicken of the Sea. The chicken we bought a couple of days ago went bad so instead of putting it in the garbage, he threw it out into the ocean!
Georg was here this evening (though he said he would be here at 11:00 this morning) and installed a new solar battery so hopefully we will have more electricity than before. It is almost 8:00 and we've had electricity since 6:30!

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