Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 October

We left Santa Cruz this morning after breakfast. Wilmer, his wife Magali, their two children, Chielo, Luis' daughter Nicole, the mother of Nicole's nanny, and the three gringos hopped into the van and 4 1/2 later we were in Chiclayo.
We ate lunch with Luis and Ed and then said our goodbyes. We walked to the bus station to get our return tickets to Los Organos. We also shopped for a printer. We also found a a nice griddle. We have been looking for decent cooking pans; something other than the flimsy aluminum ones.
We met again with the arquitect, Coqui and looked at his floor plans. We made a few changes and he promised to have the floorplan and views of the inside and outside by Wednesday.
We were back at the hotel by 9 and retired.

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